About Us

Market Connect

Market Connect Pty. Ltd. was established 14 years ago to provide investor relations support and corporate consultancy for emerging Australian companies. Market Connect has represented many ASX listed companies across a wide range of market sectors, including Healthcare & Biotechnology, Property, Resources, Retail, Industrials & Technology.

Simon Watkin

Simon Watkin, the company founder and principal, has over 20 years experience in the financial industry and comes from an institutional stockbroking background, having worked with ABN Amro Australia and Austock Securities. This experience has resulted in a thorough knowledge and understanding of financial markets as well as extensive and strong market relationships.

Company Philosophy

Market Connect’s communication strategies are based on the fact that all companies have a unique investment profile and require a specific approach to unlocking and optimising their value.
A disciplined strategy supported by effective and credible communication is the key to increasing a company’s profile and building positive market sentiment. This ensures that key stakeholders understand the underlying business and the triggers for success.
Market Connect is an independent consultant that always works in the best interests of its clients. Operating under a strong code of ethics, Market Connect provides responsible and thorough support, which is backed by extensive industry knowledge and experience.