Grab Investor Attention with ASX Announcements and Press Releases

November 3, 2014 Blog 0 Comment

ASX Announcements and Press Releases

What options are available to you if you need to inform investors, or grab attention with a new service offering? Where do you turn when you’ve got something newsworthy to share with a wider circle of potential investors and industry thought leaders? Depending on the news in question, you can use both ASX announcements and press releases.

ASX Announcements

ASX Announcements – ASX announcements allow you to share pertinent, relevant news and developments through one of the world’s leading financial market exchanges.

Press Releases

Press Releases – Press releases are similar in nature to ASX announcements, but you can announce a wider range of news, information and developments with your firm through a PR. Where ASX announcements are ideal for information that bears directly on the investment realm, press releases can be utilized for announcing virtually anything.

The Catch – While both ASX announcements and press releases can be excellent tools for handling both investor relations and relations within the industry, there are a couple of catches. First and foremost, neither can take the form of an advertisement – both need to be informative and engaging, not sales letters. Second, both must conform to specific formatting and messaging guidelines that can be difficult to master without experts.

In order to spread your news and take advantage of advanced financial sector information disbursement, work with a qualified expert. Market Connect has years of experience with both ASX announcements and press releases, giving you maximum exposure to your target audience.