Tips for Choosing Capital Raising Consultancy Services

October 27, 2014 Blog 0 Comment


No organization can be successful without capital. Even entrepreneurs must have enough capital to meet initial business formation expenses and foster immediate growth. Established firms must also have capital to launch new operations, projects, product lines and initiatives. The problem stems from locating the capital necessary. Investors are out there, but how does a business owner or decision maker connect with investors not only able to see the value in the company’s offering, but willing to help spur growth and success through an investment? The answer is to work with a capital raising consultancy service. Of course, not all such consultancies are created equal. Make sure the partner you ultimately choose meets the following criteria:

Choosing Capital Raising Consultancy Services

  • The consultancy should have proven expertise and experience in raising capital through numerous methods, including fund manager and stockbroker relations, investor relations and more.
  • The consultancy should offer additional services, including corporate writing, press releases and ASX announcements, corporate counsel, stakeholder contact and email distribution.
  • The consultancy should offer perception audits to better understand stakeholder perceptions and ensure that your offer and company are meeting the expectations of prospective investors and other stakeholders.

There’s a great deal that a consultancy can and should offer. With that being said, you’ll still need to select your partner with care. Judge a consultancy’s value to your organization based on the criteria above, as well as their knowledge, contacts and experience. A track record in these areas speaks volumes about a firm’s ability to deliver on their promises.

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