Why Your Organization Needs Corporate Writing

October 13, 2014 Blog 0 Comment

Corporate Writing & Press Releases

Writing is part and parcel of operating a business, whether you’re the CEO of a ASX 200 company. From press releases to marketing collateral to media relations, there’s an incredible need for skilled, accurate copy within the business world. Most of this falls under the header of “corporate writing”. Why does your company need it, and what does it cover? Actually, it covers an immense range of content types, and not all of it is promotional in nature.

Press Releases

Press Releases – Need to make headlines with a new development in your company? Need to announce a merger or an acquisition? Perhaps you’re launching a new product line, or expanding your operations to another continent. Press releases inform your audience and provide the means to deliver structured, accurate content that can place highly with authority outlets, including newspapers/news websites, industry authorities and more.

External Business Communications

External Business Communications – All businesses must communicate with those outside the organization. That might be stakeholders or shareholders, it might be the general public, or it could be existing customers or clients. Those communications must be planned and written appropriately in order to strike asuitable chord, connect with the specific audience in question, or make the right emotional connection.

Case Studies

Case Studies – Case studies are essential for providing a proven solution to a specific problem (generally, the problem is on the part of your customers or clients, and the solution is your product or service). While promotional in terms of desired results, case studies take a more scientific, formulated approach and are much more than mere sales tools.

These are only a few of the many types of corporate writing employed in businesses large and small in order to engender accurate communication, strong messaging, increase sales, build profitability and increase shareholder value. Without access to talented corporate writers, your organization is at a distinct disadvantage.