Why Use Market Connect

  • Adding value with time and cost savings

Work with ‘hands on’ experienced experts who will design and implement communication strategies on your behalf.

  • Increasing market awareness and reaching potential investors

Market Connect has an extensive range of contacts and relationships across financial markets, including a well maintained database of over 1000 stockbrokers and fund managers. We will ensure that your message reaches the intended audience.

  • Successful corporate initiatives and capital raisings

Providing high level corporate counsel and support in planning for IPOs and capital raisings. Market Connect works for you in facilitating your interactions with shareholders, potential investors and stockbrokers. We will ensure that you get the best value for money when working with corporate stock brokers and the best possible outcome from your corporate initiatives.

  • Improving market sentiment and stakeholder relations

Initiating a more proactive and disciplined approach to your communications will be well received by the financial community, including existing and prospective shareholders.

  • Experienced and reliable support

Backed by over 20 years’ experience in the financial community and stockbroking industry including institutional research, sales and corporate broking, Market Connect understands financial markets, knows how brokers work and what fund managers think. Working with Market Connect is like having your own in house communications and stockbroking expert.

  • Independent safeguard

Market Connect tells you ‘like it is’ and provides an independent market savvy reality check for your communications. This will ensure that your company is adopting best communication practices in order to get your message across to the right people and get the attention that it deserves.