MC Property Advocates versus other Advocates

– Fully Licensed and 20 years property experience
– High level negotiation skills
– Experience in real estate marketing and sales
– Accurate appraisal
– Personalised “hands on” service
– Regular meetings and updates
– Significant time commitment to ensure best result
– Fully independent and on your side
– Does not seek payment from agent (No conflict of interest)
– Conducts all activities (Meetings/Appraise and Advise/Agent selection and review,negotiate/Property presentation advice/Review sales doc’s/Oversee sales campaign/Negotiate to sell at highest price/Settlement services.

MC Property Buyer Advocacy

We offer a tailored buyer service based on your individual requirements.

“Saving you considerable time, money and stress”

Have a fully Licensed Estate Agent with 20 years property experience and know how make sure you buy the right property at the right price!

– Locate and evaluate properties for sale that meet your specific requirements
– Buying strategy and negotiation skills to achieve the best entry price on your preferred home
– Locate off-market opportunities
– Auction bidding on your behalf for best outcome
– Sale documentation analysis
– Support through to settlement

how can we help you?

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